Saturday, June 25, 2005 - Victor wants 'modern Islamic' Iran - Jun 25, 2005

Good read if only to get a rough feel of what the new President feels and thinks about certain things. The following is entirely taken from the CNN article.

1. U.S. relations

"Relations with the United States are not a cure for our ills."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has no fear about restoring ties but ... how to carry it out must be studied so that the independence, pride and self-esteem of the Iranian nation will not be harmed."

2. Nuclear program

"Acquiring peaceful nuclear technology is the demand of the whole Iranian nation, and the rulers as representatives of the people must put all their efforts into realising this demand."

"Those who are in negotiations are frightened and do not know the people ... A popular and fundamentalist government will quickly change the country's stance in favour of the nation."

Social and political freedoms
"We did not have a revolution in order to have a democracy."

"People think a return to revolutionary values is only a matter of wearing the headscarf."

"The country's true problem is employment and housing, not what to wear."

3. Economy

"Currently, the private banks have no positive or constructive role in the economy, rather a destructive one."

"I will cut the hands off the mafias of powers and factions who have a grasp on our oil, I stake my life on this ... People must see their share of oil money in their daily lives."

"The increase in petrol prices has led to an increase in all other prices. The solution is to use public transport."

4. Internet
Is it a concern? "No ... we cannot shut the doors to the country."

"My own phone bill is so high because my children use the Internet so much."

5. World Trade Organization

"Iran needs at least more than three years before joining the WTO. We need time and need to defend our industry."

It might be worth noting that the CNA report has him saying that freedom is Iran is at an unacceptable level, so maybe CNN is downplaying his Conservatism or CNA is playing it up. Whatever.

At the very least, when he says something now, it's not likely to suddenly be contradicted by the Council of Guardians.



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