Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Work Place: The Vatican as a friend of labor

As some of you may no doubt be aware, I'm a practicing Buddhist having converted from Protestantism about 6 years back. But despite the difficulties I have with certain arch-conservative doctrines (condom, abortions and the role of women) of the Catholic Church, I have nothing but admiration for their use of rigourous logic (well as rigourous without questioning the underlying assumptions of Christianity) as well as the huge amount of fascinating intellectual works done by the Church Fathers on philosophy (legal or otherwise).

Anyway, interesting read above where it describes the Catholic Church's position on labour and capitalism, striking a fascinating balance of being leftist while condemning pure socialism and 'rigid capitalism' (I believe that most CSR is a waste of resources). Admittedly though, their dedication to Globalisation seems rather narrowly focused upon the right of workers to migrate to a better life rather than free trade in general. On the other hand, they do support of debt relief, which is generally not a bad thing in and of itself. Furthermore, Jubilee 2000 took a remarkably nuanced stance of saying that debt relief was no panecea but it was a good first step to reducing poverty and associated ills in 3rd World nations.

In addition, what Bono (Front-singer of U2 and Frontman of Jubilee 2000) mentioned that was more important, was the end of beggar-thy-neighbour protectionist policies of the 1st World particular with regards to agriculture. If the EU abolished CAP, it would help generate US$4 billion in terms of agriculture trade for the 3rd world which is of a magnitude much greater than available aid at the moment. Admittedly, most 3rd World nations are equally guilty of such protectionist policies, which are particularly destructive because they are aimed at each other.

Ah well, back to Contracts...bah humbug.



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