Sunday, April 17, 2005


It seems that Cheng Zhan's page wasn't 'hacked' after all. It was 'simply' a matter of his root directory being protected but not his other directories. So it is somewhat akin to locking your doors but not your windows when you go out.

So what this this all really mean? Well simply this, it means that the posters who got the material are probably not in contravention of the Computer Misuse Act. But seriously my concern with not with them per se but the manner in which Cheng Zhan is seemingly going to get lynched.

All this hacking/non-hacking merely clouds the real issue. That he made what were insensitive and hurtful comments but in a private capacity in a private blog. Yes, I do believe that the fact the home-page was protected indicates very strongly that this was meant to be kept private.

The manner in which some bloggers and commentors are persistently harping on the fact that he is a PSC Scholar serves more to demonstrate some form of anger towards the general Establishment Institutions and that Cheng Zhan is unfortunately being dragged along by it.

At any rate, I say once again, if you are truely angry and want to change the situation, go find a better outlet for it.


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